Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Show, Don't Tell: Legal Writing for the Real World

I generally avoid using LLW and Twitter to self-promote, but I have exciting news to share about my legal writing book with Adam Lamparello, Show, Don’t Tell: Legal Writing for the Real World. The text will be available starting December 4, 2014 via LexisNexis.

We wrote Show, Don’t Tell to help law students and lawyers learn to draft litigation pleadings. For ease, we use a single hypothetical lawsuit, take readers chronologically through the litigation process, and show them how to draft effective complaints, answers, discovery requests, motions, and other common pleadings.
We’re very excited about the book and hope that it can serve as a “real world” resource for law students and new and seasoned lawyers.You can pre-order Show, Don't Tell: Legal Writing for the Real World here.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming next week!

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