Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Early Years: Tackling Legal Research and Writing

Congratulations to all law graduates out there who just finished the bar exam--hopefully you'll soon be on your way to the legal career of your dreams! 

I wanted to use my post this week to offer some legal writing advice for the baby lawyers out there who will be starting new jobs in the next few weeks. But then I realized the advice I want to give is already contained in a article I did a few months ago for Ms. JD's Surviving and Thriving in the Early Years series.

In my article, called Tackling Legal Research and Writing, I suggest ways young lawyers can use the legal research and writing skills they learned in law school to excel in real-world practice. These tips include: take clear notes, know how much time you can spend on the project, learn style requirements and page limits, and know when to ask for clarification.

Many new lawyers find that the skills they developed in their legal research and writing courses translate immediately to the work they do in their first years of practice. I hope my tips will be useful to new law graduates embarking on their legal careers in the coming weeks and months.

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