Thursday, September 6, 2012

Well Done, Weldon Firm

Earlier this week, on my way home from a very long day of depositions, I noticed a billboard for the Weldon Firm.  What caught my eye was not the advertisement itself, which, as expected, featured a picture of a smiling lawyer looking stately and sharp.  I was intrigued by the firm’s slogan:

                      “For a Job Weldon.”  

I want to hate this; but, in reality, I kind of love it.*  It’s definitely different from the traditional law firm slogans, which usually read something like “We Get Results” or “You Can Count on Us” or “A Law Firm You Can Trust,” all of which are generic and tell us absolutely nothing.

I hope others appreciate the Weldon Firm’s witty slogan too.  In a time when every lawyer is trying to distinguish himself, the Weldon Firm should be applauded for its outside-the-box thinking.  Why offer a boring slogan that looks and sounds like that of every other firm when you can use your name to create a catchy, clever slogan that people remember?  Well done, Weldon Firm.   

*I love word play and puns.  This love started early.  I distinctly remember being five when my father explained why "wet" and "whet" don't mean the same thing, even though they sound the same. (What a difference an “h” makes!)  This discussion came up in the context of an old folk song my father loved to sing, albeit poorly, “There’s a Hole in the Bucket.”

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