Monday, August 13, 2012

So "App"ealing

We all use our iPhones entirely too much these days, but the App Store has some interesting offerings for lexophiles.  Below are some of my favorite apps for word nerds:

This cool free app pulls the “word of the day” from several different sources.  You can use the app to impress all your friends by writing a sentence with the new word you learned and posting the sentence to Facebook or Twitter.  Vocabology also has a quiz feature that allows you to test yourself on the words you’ve viewed on the app.

Merriam Webster
As you’d imagine, this app is a dictionary.  It has several other interesting features, though, including voice search, pronunciation, and a word-of-the day.  The $3.99 premium app also features a thesaurus and illustrations.

Grammar Up
This free app features grammar tests and explanations on a variety of topics including prepositions, similar words, pronouns, conjunctions, adjectives, and adverbs.  The tests are designed to simulate the TOEIC English proficiency test.  The full version has 1,800 questions across 20 different grammar categories and allows the user to track speed and proficiency.

Word vs. Word
This game is very addictive and very fun.  You can play by yourself or against others.  The goal is to guess a secret word by process of elimination.  The first player to guess the word correctly wins.  It’s a bit like the game Battleship, but with words. 

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